SiCoTec Engineering

SiCoTec Engineering, based in Berlin and Munich, is a leading developer and supplier of a wide range of integrated solutions and hardware technologies for the driving and flight simulation industry.

SiCoTec Engineering solutions are used for more than 50 simulator programs in the past 9 years, mostly baesed in Europe and United States.

Starting from first design up to full assembled simulator hardware, SiCoTec Engineering is working close to each of the customer.

SiCoTec Solutions are produced as prototyping up to serially on the basis of innovative highly effective low-cost technologies, standard design and COTS components by well-known producers available in the commercial market.

SiCoTec Engineering offers the most effective low-cost high-quality solutions in the flight and driving simulator market.

SiCoTec Prototyping - since 2001, most of Indra (Spain) simulators for the helicopter market are based on engineering and prototyping, done by SiCoTec Engineering. Doing the serial, based on engineering knowledge of SiCoTec confirms the high standard and innovation, "Made in Germany".

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SiCoTec Engineering
Renate Lankes

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12487 Berlin-Johannisthal

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