3DOF Vibration

Get the real feeling...

By SiCoTec Engineering designed and developed 3DOF Helicopter Vibration Platform brings Real-Rotor-Blade-Vibrations inside your Helicopter-Flight-Simulator-Cockpit.

We can offer following System Control Solutions (SCS):

3DOF vibration with passive software, used for systems up to Level B and the active software tool for systems up to Level D.

EC225 simulator Aberdeen, AS350 Dallas and CH53 Ottobrunn still using SiCoTec´s 3DOF Helicopter Vibration Plattform. Newest EC175 helicopter simulator, which will be set up in France, late 2010, will also use the SiCoTec 3DOF Helicopter Vibration Platform.


Eurocopter / A. Pecchi

The SiCoTec Engineering, high performance 3-axis vibration platform replicates vibration cues that are representative of actual helicopter flight cues.

Design by SiCoTec Engineering in 2009, this new SiCoTec 3DOF Helicopter Vibration Platform offers unprecedented realism for helicopter-specific mission training, including offshore, emergency medical services, law enforcement, long line, high-altitude, corporate and other operations, according to newest standards JAR, JAA, Level B and Level D.


Vibrations in helicopters, in addition to creating a realistic operating enviroment, provide the aircrew with rotor dynamic feedback critical to their ability to control the aircraft and to train special missions.


AS350 Dallas

Engineering, Cockpit-Fit

The SiCoTec 3DOF Vibration System can be fitted to every helicopter cockpit, manufactured by SiCoTec. With an special "customer designed" interface frame, the SiCoTec 3DOF Vibration Platform also can be fitted to any cockpit, supplied by the customer.

SiCoTec can provide the engineering including FEM documentation for an customer needed upper and lower interface frame, which has to be connected to the cockpit and the baseframe..

Actual, the SiCoTec 3DOF Vibration Platform is designed for a payload up to 1.200kg.

Any further engineering and modification can be offered.


AS350 Dallas

How does it work?

For Level B up to Level D, SiCoTec Engineering is using the highest standardof industrial parts and actuators.

The Level B and Level D design of the actuator and active control system for our vibration platform is implemented to provide the correct spectrum, amplitude and trend of vibration across the helicopter operating envelope. The spectrum is considered in two parts; the discrete frequencies from the main rotor blade passing frequency and the base spectrum of random noise.

SiCoTec Engineering also can provide alternative actuator and control solutions, which will be optimezed for customer needs or several countries.

The SiCoTec Engineering 3DOF Helicopter Vibration Platform is developed in 2009 and is an SiCoTec properity product.



Since early 2010, SiCoTec´c 3DOF Helicopter Vibration Platforms are currently in use for following programs.

Helicopter Crew Training Simulator
American Eurocopter, Dallas

Helicopter Flight Simulator
Britisch Eurocopter, Aberdeen

Research Simulator
Ottobrunn, Germany


Helicopter Flight Simulator


Helicopter Flight Simulator

Helicopter Flight Simulator
Eurocopter, France