CLS Systems

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SiCoTec Engineering provides the capability to design, analyze and manufacture CLS linkages, which can be fitted to several actuator systems like Moog, Wittenstein or others.

SiCoTec Engineering performs full system and componente level finite element analysis (FEM) and kinematic analysis ranging from control linkages to full system integration, all in a 3D solid modelling based enviroment.


Using SiCoTec´s CLS Floor Structure will give safety, that your CLS system will meet specified tolerances.

SiCoTec CLS Engineering Specialists and also SiCoTec´s CLS Assembly Team will take care, that CLS atuator will fit and linkages can be operated as needed.


CLS frame structure

Using SiCoTec Engineering´s long time knowledge for your CLS system need, if fixed or rotary wing aircraft, will give you safety to meet CLS actuator specifications.