From single, one channel up to full dome and collimated solutions...

SiCoTec Engineering
and its partners have the experience to profide best practice implementation for your spherical screen, dome or collimated display solution.

SiCoTec Engineering
provides the knowledge and capability to design, analyze and manufacture any visual solution you are looking for.


At SiCoTec Engineering, we maintain a number of strategic partnerships that are leveraged for the benefit of the overal solution. Technology should not be the focus; the overal and final customer needs should be.

SiCoTec´s goal is to have the necessarry network and technologies available to solve the customers problems and to get the best final result.


The SiCoTec manufacturing and installation team has now more than 10 years of knowledge and background in concept, design and manufacturing.


Development, manufacturing and integration of any portable, transportable, fixed or motion used screens, domes or collimated systems will be delivered with the best final result you can get.

Additionally, we leverage our corporate technology partners to continually improve and braden SiCoTec´s product and service offering.


SiCoTec´s visual systems provide seamless, high geometric tolerance careen options for permanent installations. SiCoTec screens,domesand collimated systems are available in each diamter and field of view.


The SiCoTec coperated manufacturing process is composite screen materialis light weight honeycomb glass reinforced structure.

To meet the typical project requirement, the implementation must be considered across each ot the components, content, and supported design.


SiCoTec key features

- Extensive front projection screen options including full field-of-regard domes
- Study, design and engineering for customer requirements
- Range of screen types of various curvature and radii
- Motion compatible options
- Low gain,high gain and unity gain painting


SiCoTec corporated key features

- range of projector options
- range of colimated systems
- range of image generators
- Auto aligment capability
- set up and tuning


sample: B737 cockpit view

SiCoTec´s screen and dome solutions are currently supplied to following customers:

CAE, Canada
CAE, Germany
ESG, Germany
Indra, Spain
Kraftwerk, Austria
project: syntropy, Germany
EADS, Germany
RDE, Germany

SiCoTec´s screens and domes are also currently offered by:

Creative Wave, Munich
domeprojection, Magdeburg