ITEC 2011

ITEC 2011, Köln

'It's been brilliant'. 'It's been buzzy'. 'The best ITEC for years and years'. These comments from exhibitors are typical of the enthusiastic response from participants in ITEC 2011, which was staged at Koelnmesse, Cologne, from 10 - 12 May.


The statistics bear out the claims for the 22nd ITEC. The event attracted a total of 3,142* visitors and no less than 46 nations were represented.

At the ITEC 2011, SiCoTec was presented with products at 4 customers booth and SiCoTec´s own booth. One of the main attractions was the SiCoTec CH53 helicopter cockpit, placed close to the deligate restaurant.


SiCoTec presented a full refurbushment of an original CH53 cockpit, including:

- Customer CLS system integrated for pedals, cyclic and collective
- SiCoTec 3 DOF helicopter vibration platform
- Customer Instrument Display Panel for engineering and research


Markus Lankes, SiCoTec´s technical manager:

"It was the first show where we had the possiblity to present a full cockpit. Only 2 weeks in front, we agreed to present the cockpit. Our team worked hard to get all finished in time.

This SiCoTec refurbishment CH53 cockpit is the biggest and best helicopter cockpit you will find anywhere, at the moment.

The SiCoTec 3DOF Helicopter Vibration Platform, which is integrated in the CH53 cockpit structure is one of the most powerfull, you will find around the world.

We are proud to be the developer of this 3DOF Helicopter Vibration Platform, which was started as an prototyp, early 2010."

Every visitor of ITEC 2011, who had a chance to get a visit in the CH53 cockpit, was more than impressed to get this Real-Rotor-Blade-Vibrations inside the helicopter cockpit.

Two days after the show, the cockpit was delivered to the final customer.

Thank you