News 2012

++ January

Airbus A320 engineering finished"

SiCoTec engineering has invested in the Airbus A320 hardware copy.

Customers can get all A320 hardware replicated from real aircraft including mechanical parts like pedals, seats and controls.

"SiCoTec engineering department goes LaBrOs"

Since years, companies like Indra, CAE Germany, AXIS, E-sigma, Project:syntropy are using SiCoTec´s design and engineering knowledge for development, prototyping and manufacturing.

Toget better market position, the company LaBrOs, will offer development and engineering, seperated from SiCoTec Engineering, beginning 2012.

LaBrOs will offer development und engineering for:

- Fixed wing and helicopter simulators, civil and military.
- Train and driving simulators, civil and/or military.
- Mechanical parts used in simulators or mashines.
- Projection systems 3, up to 12 channels.
- Fixed and motion based structures.
- Simulator buildings.

Further information will follow, soon.