A320, B737 and others

"SiCoTec goes Airsim"

With 10 years experience in development, engineering and manufacturing for companies like Indra, CAE, ESG, EADS and others, SiCoTec is starting a new production line which will be provided by the company "SiCoTecAirsim".

The first product will be launched in March 2012.

The actual product line will include following:

- A320
- B737
- EC135
- AS350
- R22

SiCoTec Airsim will provide fixed wing and helicopter simulators, beginning from "FunFlight" up to "Level FNPT II MCC", later FTD.

All simulators can be offered with control loading in following status:

1) mechanical
2) starter(up to FNPT II MCC)
3) professional (up to TFD, Level B)

The 1st step, mechanical, will allow step 2 and/or step 3 integration without mechanical part modification, which allows a cost effective upgrade of any "SiCoTec Airsim" delivered system.

Further information will follow, soon.


sample: B737 cockpit view