Simulator Hardware

SiCoTec´s complete source of engineering capabilities can design, analyze abd fabricate turn-key solutions to your simulator requirements. Founded in 2001, SiCoTec offers a complete source for simulation components needs.

Professional, mechanical and electrical engineers with wide experience will design your product to the exact specifications needed.

SiCoTec´s manufacturing network includes a full mashine shop with latest CNC equipment. Cooperated fiberglass manufacturing, in house paint and assembly will guarantee the best result, performed by our skilled staff.


From components up to the integration of a Full Flight Simulator, SiCoTec Engineering can arrange communication, coordination and planing between all of sub-system suppliers.

SiCoTecEngineering reduces your workload and eliminates integration risk.


All SiCoTec Engineering equipment can be designed and manufactured aomplied from FNPT II MCC up to Level D, in accordance with FAA an JAR.

SiCoTec is proven in practice interface with several Visual and Motion Systems.

The Flying Frame and Aft Cabin structure, built in SiCoTec´s light weight technology, forms an integrated dynamic structure in-corporating high funcionality.

SiCoTec Engineering performs full system and componente level finite element analysis (FEM) and kinematic analysis ranging from control linkages to full system excursion.


SiCoTec´s hardware solutions are currently in use at following programs:

Helicopter Flight Simulators - 12 programs
Fixed Wing Simulators - 7 programs
Tank Simulators - 12 programs
Train Simulators - 2 programs
Truck Simulators - 3 programs
Others - 6 programs


10 Years Experience, more than 43 programs, SiCoTec can offer a complete Flight Simulator Solution including:

- outriggers and walkways
- safety concept
- wire ways
- system grounding
- internal ACU piping and inlet flange for customer air conditioning
- closeout panels and design elements
- adjustable instructors seats with linear rails
- light structure base frame
- visual system integration
- cockpit and CLS system
- vibration platform
- simulator access
- system installation

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